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Planet Electronics manufacture a range of equipment specifically designed to locate metal objects i.e. anchors, mooring chain, cannon etc, in water up to 70 metres deep. Our flagship product is the MX500 Digital Marine Magnetometer which uses a new generation of ultra low power electronics to create an active tow-fish with exceptional performance. The output from the magnetometer is combined with data from a GPS and a depth sounder and displayed graphically on a PC or laptop. A  dual tow-fish version is also available that can control two tow-fish simultaneously from one control box. The data from each tow-fish can be displayed independently or combined to form a gradiometer. A Professional version of the MX500 outputs the data in a format compatible with industry standard software. We have  also introduced a range of compact diver's handheld  metal detectors, these use pulse induction technology for maximum underwater sensitivity.

Planet Marine Surveys is the surveying arm of our company and specialises in locating  metal objects which are lying on or beneath the seabed. We have our own survey vessel equipped with DGPS navigation, side scan sonar and a dual MX500 Digital Magnetometer. The vessel is also equipped with our own autopilot system which is capable of steering a precise survey grid pattern under computer control. Survey lanes spaced just a few metres apart can be accurately steered over a grid several nautical miles in length. 

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Planet Electronics have specialised in the design and manufacture of proton magnetometers for over 25 years. The company introduced its current product the MX500 Digital Magnetometer in 2005, a dual version of this was introduced then in 2007, followed by the professional version in 2012. To compliment our magnetometer product range Planet have introduced a diver's handheld underwater metal detector to help  pin-point finds buried beneath the seabed. There are two detectors in the range, the Micro-Pulse 1A and the Micro-Pulse 1B.

In addition to the design and manufacture of marine magnetometers the staff at Planet have developed considerable expertise in marine magnetic survey work in various locations throughout  the world. Planet now offers this expertise to its customers. 

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